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'Lunar magic' sterling silver pendant commission by seralune

Angolul fogom írni, hogy bárki elolvashassa, remélem nem haragszol meg :) I could write critique to any of your works but I do it here, ...





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Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
- circle around one subject in per project and experience it from many different angles
- realistic portrait drawing / reflecting moods with portraits
- rebellion against sexism of women / showing it with males
- experimenting with human and mainly male anatomy
- experimenting / showing reality, and the deeper meanings of life through the lens of glitch art

My "academic" inspirations are Hyeronimus Bosch, Goya, the constructivist typography and I like the intellectuality of Ludwig Wittgenstein.

I'm open for commissions!

GvonArt /my artblog/

GvonArt Facebook:…

Twitter: Find me as GvonR ;)

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DA's new contest made me think about many things that were in my thoughts for a few weeks now.

How do I see myself as an artist?
What is my artistic way and the reason i'm doing art?
How can I imagine myself as the artist who I wanna be?
Are you the artist who you really wanna be?

I often think I'm only in the beginning of the road and choosing art as vocation supposed to be a very hard way. Or it depends on how you look at it and what do you think hard or easy?
I could be very profound by thinking about these kind of things, what usually not the best way to show my best side and being productive..

Do you have an exact picture of yourself in your head?
How would you look like as the artist you wanna be?
What is your ~personal brand~ and what you wanna show to the world?

 I do think that developing ourselves is an endless work through a lifetime and this could be the most complex and most "material" caracter design we could do in our lives.
I have a very clear, very exact picture in my head of myself, how would I look like, what would I do aka what could be my personal brand, as an artist.
The process to make this all come really true, to bring all the imaginations to life and keep it constantly in your head aer the hardest parts because it's a continuous and very hard work.
With caps.

 I had a strong feeling today morning to paint a picture of my "wannabe" self, how would I look like as the artist I wanna become.
Not only the look, but I think we can say: how we look like defines quite strongly what is our personal brand.
The face, the gestures, the clothing, the posture, it all gives the little plus to the whole image.

Where am I in the road now? Have I reached anything from that whole and the whole picture I imagined?
Not much :D /or only my -sorry- fucking oversized perfectionism speaks/

 BUT I'm developing it....myself from day to day.
It's the most complex work I've ever experienced that's why it's a huge challenge.
Not the "how do I look" part :D /however in my imagined picture I have to work for that result from day to day/ but the personality part.
I often think that keeping a good personality is a very hard thing these days. Keep being nice, helpful, open and trustful /I'm not saying we always have to trust everyone, etc.!/.
Not because I couldn't be these naturally, but because of the dark parts of this era.

 As I reached this age, I also started to resume my experiences and real thoughts of the things happened to me and life's and world's things.
Maybe I'll write a few lines about them later.
But I can tell you something: it's really amusing to read the thoughts of young people, what they think about parts of life..... they are lack of experience and I never thought the day will come when I will say:
"You will realize that this works totally different."

Going back to the original subject, I think imagination could be the key what could help us to grow to something more, to become better than we are now.
The freedom of thoughts.
That is what was given from nature or God or from anything you have faith in.
That is why it's the hardest to control it because thoughts, imagination are always moving and changing and developing a "total control" needs a very, very strong self-rule and discipline.

Somehow I think that drawing your ideal picture of yourself could give a huge plus to develop yourself, to know who you really wanna be.
Knowing who you are, what is your personality, what personality you wanna develop and what would you show to the world ~ as personal brand ~ comes from being honest to yourself, knowing your
honest answers and opinions to situations what life brings before you, getting to know yourself.
And it's not a 2 day project :)

I realize from day to day that people generally don't need the "really good artists".
Can I be honest enough to say the world is full of shit and shit attract shit? :D

I know many many amazing artists /and with art I mean everything creative, not only painting :)/ who are "suffering" from this era's profit oriented mindfucking sloukilling sex-sucking grey loneliness
because they try to become something and they can't while others who -God knows what they did- are well noticed.
/mentioning that creating only and/or being adored don't feed the human
artists I know :D ....they have to do some work to fulfil their human needs AND or THEN do something for their goals.... okay I know it's kinda usual/

Do personal brand really help an artist to be noticed in the mass?

These were the last day's thoughts, so....... :)


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