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Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
- circle around one subject in per project and experience it from many different angles
- realistic portrait drawing / reflecting moods with portraits
- rebellion against sexism of women / showing it with males
- experimenting with human and mainly male anatomy
- experimenting / showing reality, and the deeper meanings of life through the lens of glitch art

My "academic" inspirations are Hyeronimus Bosch, Goya, the constructivist typography and I like the intellectuality of Ludwig Wittgenstein.

I'm open for commissions!

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Hi Guys!

I just wanna share some thoughts what came up in my mind these days :)

I think most of us know the feeling, when you have problems in life - what surely can has many different types and levels- and it makes it's effect in our art.
The effects also can be various but if I would like to mention two, I would say it can cause art block or - the contrary - the poisoned kiss of the Muse.

In my side, I experienced many times, how negative feelings, sadness or depression adds it's effects to my art, or how it determines the subjects what I create.
It can also determine the medium I use / with medium I mean painting, drawing, poetry, and so on.

Maybe this could be the first level, but what happens if you are an artist /of any mediums/ and have a huge problem in life, what cames from soul, or a constant sadness /with a strong and exact cause/?

I think we can say, most people will fall into darkness then....who knows what will happen in the followings.
What if you are an artist?
What if you're trying to exploit this situation and try to do something constructive from it?

It's HARD or it's hard only in the beginning.
But I also think it depends on the person, it depends on personality.
There are people who can "easily" do this...... and I used the " signs because ~easily~ is not the best word for it, however it describes how this could come from one's soul, naturally flowing.

If they get up in the morning, go to the bathroom and look at themself in the mirror after washed their face. Only they know what they are seeing there nonetheless they just go and do everything they have to do in a day.
They do art. The art of anything they  stand for.
They put the appropriate attitude and show their inner feelings and maladies through their creativity.

I think this could be much more stronger than "just" creating something...... except you really want to "just create something".

It's very interesting and inspiring to me, how some people put the suitable attitude and do their bests. If they can create freely or something what based on their sadness, it's even better, stronger, it can grab your heart and tear it out from your swallowing chest. That IS art. That is crazy. That is why they are doing it all.

Art can transform our inner feelings to the outer world and most of the time it's really challenging to show it the way we really feel it. It requires much work, but the funny thing is, sometimes it comes spontaneously /as I experienced on myself/.

As a matter of fact, art can be a cure to our sadness, to our inner tragedies and depression /what sometimes we want to push down to the deep/. Many artists use art as a cure.

Do you think art can be a good solution for our problems?
I do think it is.
As I experienced, we put a little bit from ourself into our artworks and following this path of thinking, we put our sadness also into them.

If you are an entertainer, you share feelings in a different way but you also take it from yourself and put it out.
According to the general logics and straight vision we can say: the more you create, the more pieces of the problem you take off but my question is: is this could be true?
It's just "too easy"... anyway, I do think, with art you continously treat your soul and problems seems smaller when your mind is continously working on smoething work related.

Maybe. then, time will show the result, besides the result of amazing artworks of many years.

Artists can share and gather energy through the process of creating and maybe this is one reason, why this solution works well. /Yeah, it's another question, that it is really a ~well working~ thing..... but if we see it in general, it is, because, if not happiness, it still give you reason to get up and leave marks in this world/

I'm curious of these people, how and why they do what they do.
For me, it's good in the wrong meaning.... when some kind of feelings start to flood your mind, you know it's an overwhelming feeling. I feel I could paint 5 paintings at the same time and the most annoying part of it, when you're working on a piece, you started before and still in the process...and you get this feeling. And you don't have enough supplies for example. Horrible! :D That's why some of these situations I write some short poems /not ofter good with my ~not 10000% english---> double annoying :D /

This is ONE reason I'm planning to buy canvas and try to paint in huge size :)
I have many many ideas what requires huge canvas, so...... the inspiration will never stops :)

Summary: I truly think that people who suffered a tragedy BUT still get up, go and do their job, their art is the true and pure INSPIRATION /yeah, with caps!/. /for me it always says: shut the fuck up your whiny bitch, get your slow ass up, go and do something
and be very thankful you can do this, this way!/

What do you think about this?

Wishing a nice day for everyone! :hug:


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